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Marketing Associate


Mojave, CA | Remote


Full Time

Evolution Overview

Evolution Space is a pioneering aerospace company specializing in the design and manufacturing of solid propulsion systems and launch vehicles. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, our team is dedicated to revolutionizing the market for solid propulsion systems.


As the 9th privately funded US Startup to pass the Karman line and the 2nd to do so using dedicated solid motors, we have firmly established our position as an industry leader and we continue to grow and evolve.

Your Role

As a Marketing Associate, your primary responsibility will be to assist the PR & Marketing Lead in various tasks related to brand development, company marketing materials, market research, and other key marketing functions. Your contribution will directly impact the company's overall marketing strategies and help drive its growth and success in the market.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brand Development: Collaborate with the PR & Marketing Lead to develop and enhance the company's brand identity, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels. Assist in creating brand guidelines, messaging frameworks, and visual assets to support brand awareness and recognition.

  • Marketing Materials: Work closely with the PR & Marketing Lead to create compelling marketing collateral, including brochures, presentations, newsletters, and digital content. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather information and ensure accurate representation of products or services.

  • Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify industry trends, competitive landscape, and target audience preferences. Utilize various research methodologies to gather relevant data and insights, which will be used to inform marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Campaign Support: Assist in the planning, execution, and monitoring of marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and events. Contribute creative ideas and help coordinate campaign logistics to maximize campaign effectiveness and reach.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Monitor and analyze marketing performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives. Prepare reports and present findings to the PR & Marketing Lead, providing actionable recommendations for optimization and continuous improvement.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams, such as Sales, Product Management, and Design, to align marketing efforts with overall business objectives. Support interdepartmental initiatives and contribute to a cohesive, integrated approach to marketing.

  • Communication and Relationship Building: Assist in maintaining positive relationships with external stakeholders, including media outlets, influencers, and partners. Support the PR & Marketing Lead in coordinating press releases, media interviews, and other public relations activities.

Who You Are
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field.

  • Prior experience in marketing, advertising, or a related role is desirable.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively convey marketing messages and ideas.

  • Proficiency in market research techniques and data analysis.

  • Familiarity with digital marketing tools, social media platforms, and content management systems.

  • Creative thinking and the ability to generate innovative ideas for marketing campaigns.

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and marketing software/tools.

  • Join our team as a Marketing Associate and contribute to the development of our brand, creation of compelling marketing materials, execution of impactful campaigns, and the growth of our company in the market. Your dedication and marketing expertise will play a vital role in achieving our business objectives and establishing our brand as a leader in the industry.


Joining Evolution Space as an Marketing Associate presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of space access and work alongside a talented team of professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology. If you are passionate about avionics systems, have a strong desire to innovate, and thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment, we encourage you to apply for this exciting position.

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