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Evolution Space Participates in First Commercial Launch from U.S. Territorial Waters

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

4" diameter rocket launching from The Spaceport Company's mobile floating platform.
Rocket Launching From Mobile Spaceport Prototype

STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Mississippi, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolution Space, a Mojave, Calif-based solid propulsion and launch provider, announced today their involvement as the propulsion provider for the first ever commercial rocket launch from U.S. territorial waters, conducted by The Spaceport Company. The offshore launch was completed on May 22nd, 2023, in the Gulf of Mexico and within the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS).

A mere month after Evolution Space completed their own historic first space mission, Gold Chain Cowboy, the successful offshore launch serves as the prototype validation for The Spaceport Company’s proprietary mobile floating spaceport. All the procedures necessary to conduct an offshore orbital-class launch were successfully tested and multiple sub-scale test rockets were launched in one day from the mobile floating spaceport. By operating within U.S. territorial waters, the offshore mobile spaceport model is well positioned to offer a higher launch capacity with less public risk and fewer environmental impacts than comparative land-based launch sites.

“The success of this launch demonstrates The Spaceport Company’s ability to

rapidly develop and deploy a solution to alleviate today’s congested spaceport market.” said Tom Marotta, CEO and Founder of The Spaceport Company. “We’re thankful for the partnerships that made this demonstration happen, and we’ve got great plans for what comes next.”

The Spaceport Company's vision to create new a model for spaceports aligns perfectly with Evolution Space's pursuit of being a catalyst for aerospace innovation and technology development. The mission also serves to demonstrate the growing agility and collaboration between new space industry leaders, as seen in this launch with The Spaceport Company, their regulatory and marine partnerships, Evolution Space as the propulsion provider and airframes developed by an independent third-party contractor.

"We’re proud and grateful to be involved in what The Spaceport Company is doing." said Steve Heller, CEO and Founder of Evolution Space. "Making this type of new space innovation and technology testing possible is a core part of our mission at Evolution Space."


Evolution Space, based in Mojave, Calif., is a provider of rapidly-responsive and deployable, containerized launch solutions for the next generation of nanosats and defense. The company specializes in tailored solid propulsion solutions and suborbital loft vehicles. For more information please visit


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