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Solid motors are the foundation of our business. We've solved for simplicity, safety, and reliability, pulling different permutations of our core intellectual property as needed to match customer need - faster and more effectively than the competition.


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Full Integration

Evolution firmly believes that the secret to doing solids right lies as much in execution and vertical integration as it does in IP. When every element is designed and built in-house, seamless fit and function come naturally - all with lowered cost and turnaround time. Core competencies include pressure vessels, ablatives, mission-tailored propellant formulations and geometric arrangements, low-latency ignition solutions, high-resolution testing equipment, and ground support.

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Markets serviced

Defense &

Applications of our propulsion and launch platforms include, but are not limited to:

  • Hypersonic Testing

  • Surface-To-Air and Air-To-Air Defense Applications

  • Targets

  • Sounding Rocket Microgravity Research

  • Orbital Stages

  • Solid Boosters

  • Ground- and Air-Based In-Atmosphere Testing

  • Drone and Aircraft Propulsion

  • Tactical Systems

  • Energetic Devices

  • Customized Solutions: Contact us here for more information on how we can create a solution for you.

Evolution Space Rocket Launch
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