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Evolving Solids

Evolution Space is a vertically integrated, rapidly responsive solid propulsion and launch company. We've built every facet of our operation to deliver a more tailored product to the customer. From whiteboard to field - we're bringing it faster than anyone in the industry.


Turnkey propulsion solutions - and the innovation to create them - have never been in higher demand, in both the commercial and defense markets. New ideas and methods of execution are needed. That's what we do.

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Habitual Execution

Evolution Space has experience in dozens of pressure vessel, ablative, propellant and ignition solutions to meet or exceed your application spec. Whether it's a for sounding rocket, a test sled, or a second stage, we've made it.



Putting a vehicle in space was just the beginning. Hypersonic and suborbital research/testing platforms, based on our industry-leading solid motors, are our favorite thing to make.

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multi-market services

End to End Solutions

Where others in the industry have focused on horizontal specialization, we've revisited every system, subsystem and component of solid propulsion systems and launch vehicles. We've designed them to be simpler, safer, more easily mass produced, and more quickly tailored to specific needs.


There's never been more growth in both commercial space and defense tech, and we view reliable, customizable, and cost-effective solid-based platforms as the missing foundation in both sectors. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like The Spaceport Company, we've closed the loop and built end to end production and launch services to deliver on it.

Evolution Space


Our nation's defense starts with containerized, reliable, mass-producible energetics. As needs and applications grow, the infrastructure base to produce them is shrinking. That doesn't make any sense to us.

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The past 10 years have seen unprecedented innovation in cost-effective liquid launch systems. They have their place, and they have their limitations. Solids are next.

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